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#2023ACE 企業攤位《金玉選寶會》

日式抽獎活動!本次有機會抽到Ps5 、Iphone15 pro手機、電競主機等大獎好禮!😇 可以參考粉絲團

公司創立初衷希望大家都能以最低價格獲得想要的高價主機等....5年多來從工作室時期創立以來參與個大活動舉辦大小抽獎,總計抽出電玩主機、高級公仔200多於件,也會陸續配合設計師公仔與日本限定品、電競手機、主機等也歡迎舊雨新知讓我們每次活動都帶著愉快的心情參與,也歡迎相關合作提案。本次活動最大獎抽電競RGB電腦主機與Iphone15 pro等大獎。

Japanese Sweepstakes! This time, you have the opportunity to draw Ps5, Iphone mobile RGB computer and other great prizes! 😇 You can refer to the fan group

The original intention of the company's establishment is to hope that everyone can get the high-priced consoles they want at the lowest price... For more than 5 years since the establishment of the studio, they have participated in large and small events and held lucky draws. A total of more than 200 video game consoles and high-end toys have been drawn. , and will continue to cooperate with designer toys and Japanese limited products, e-sports mobile phones, consoles, etc. are also welcome, so that we can participate in every event with a happy mood, and relevant cooperation proposals are also welcome. The biggest prize draw of this event is game Iphone15 pro 、 RGB computer。

日本式宝くじ!今回の抽選会ではPS5や最新型iPhone15 pro、RPGパソコン、その他豪華景品が当たるチャンスです!ファングループを参照してください!




この度のイベントの特賞はRPGパソコンと最新型iPhone15 proです。

▍「2023ACE 動漫創作展」

▍時間:2023.11.11(六)、12(日) 10:30-17:30


▍主辦單位:M.E. 魔競、芬斯塔股份有限公司


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