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  1. 色情內容:包括具有性行為、性暗示或露骨性描寫的圖像、影片、文字或音訊內容。

  2. 色情文學:以性為主題的文學作品,包括小說、散文、詩歌等。

  3. 色情漫畫或動畫:具有性行為、裸體或露骨暴露的圖像內容的漫畫或動畫作品。

  4. 色情遊戲:具有性行為、性描寫或裸體場景的電子遊戲。

  5. 成人用品或情趣商品:如性玩具、性用品、情趣內衣等產品的推廣或銷售。

  6. 色情網站或成人內容平台:提供色情內容的網站、平台或社群。

  7. 暴力或過度血腥的內容:包括具有極端暴力、凌虐、殘酷或血腥場景的作品。








Adult Content

  1. Adult Content: Including images, videos, text, or audio content that depicts explicit sexual acts, sexual innuendos, or graphic sexual descriptions.

  2. Erotic Literature: Literary works with a focus on sexuality, including novels, essays, poems, etc.

  3. Adult Comics or Animation: Comics or animated works that feature sexual acts, nudity, or explicit exposure.

  4. Adult Games: Electronic games that involve sexual acts, sexual descriptions, or nudity.

  5. Adult Products or Adult Novelties: Promotion or sale of products such as sex toys, adult accessories, lingerie, etc.

  6. Pornographic Websites or Adult Content Platforms: Websites, platforms, or communities that provide pornographic content.

  7. Violence or Excessively Gory Content: Including works with extreme violence, torture, cruelty, or bloody scenes.

*The above information pertains to content that requires mandatory registration in the adult section. However, please note that there are still items that are prohibited from being sold in the adult section. For a list of prohibited items, please refer to our guidelines.

*Even if content undergoes mosaic, blurring, or other obscuring treatments, if the primary intent of the content remains lewd or pornographic, it is still mandatory to register in the adult section.

Excessive Exposure in COSPLAY Costume

If the on-site displayed items or products contain the following content, registration in the adult-only section is required.

*The following information is considered explicit and requires mandatory registration in the adult-only section. However, the cosplay attire in the adult-only section should still adhere to the general dress code regulations.

*Even if the displayed items undergo pixelation, blurring, or other forms of obscuring, if the content remains primarily explicit or intended for adult purposes, it still requires mandatory registration in the adult-only section.


  1. アダルトコンテンツ:性行為、性的なほのめかし、露骨な性的描写を含む画像、動画、テキスト、音声コンテンツ。

  2. エロティックな文学:性をテーマにした小説、エッセイ、詩などの文学作品。

  3. アダルトコミックまたはアニメーション:性行為、裸体、露骨な露出を特徴とする漫画やアニメ作品。

  4. アダルトゲーム:性行為、性的な描写、裸体のシーンを含む電子ゲーム。

  5. アダルト商品または大人向け商品:性具、アダルトグッズ、ランジェリーなどの商品の宣伝や販売。

  6. ポルノサイトまたはアダルトコンテンツプラットフォーム:ポルノグラフィックなコンテンツを提供するウェブサイト、プラットフォーム、コミュニティ。

  7. 暴力または過度に血なまぐさいコンテンツ:極端な暴力、拷問、残酷なシーン、血みどろの描写を含む作品。







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